Apr 2021

Advanced Kettlebell Circuit (Video)

Kettlebells have fast become one of my favorite tools to use in the gym. For the longest time I thought that a dumbell give you the same benefit, but I was certainly wrong. The way the handle and load are positioned make it a completely different workout. In this video I show you an advanced Kettlebell routine that you can practice anywhere.

1.) Reverse Lunge - Adding the swing with that Kettlebell really forces the Glutes to engage through hip extension. It the weight swing horizontally with momentum that makes this happen. Also have to stay centered through all this madness happening so your core really has to fire on all cylinders!

2.) Single Leg Balance Kettle Bell Row - Great for developing posture and developing the posterior chain muscles of the scapulae and thoracic spine. It's absolutely imperative that the upper body doesn't sag forward as you do the row. Be sure to go into hip flexion on the leg you're balancing one, and make sure you're balancing on your heel to ensure better and safer stability.

3.) Around the World Kettlebell Swings - I have found that very few people who teach Kettlebells don't cover the Transverse Plane. The Transverse Plane is probably the most important (and most difficult) plane of motion to master. It is where injuries occur most over all other planes. When doing this exercise, be sure to not muscle it with your upper body coming back and forth. You need to allow your body to flow within the motion naturally, that way you get your entire body working together, with all of it's muscular systems, rather than miscompensating with just a few.

There's your Kettle bell routine for Monday morning, stay tuned for more information!

If you have any questions or requests feel free to e-mail me at naudi@functionalpatterns.com