Don't settle for anything less than real, long-term results. Our online programs are designed to optimize your body beyond band-aid fixes. Uncover transformations with Functional Patterns today!

Success Stories

Cerebral Palsy

I was told by the doctors that I should never load my body physically anymore. However, I knew how It was important for my body to move, in order to not become atrophied. I refused to stay stuck at home doing nothing, so I gave a try to FP which I heard about from my friend. Since I started doing FP, my physical condition has improved dramatically.

Spinal Compression To Pain Free

After chronic pain for a decade I can now move through life using vital mental capacity and attention on things that are important to me rather than devoting myself to managing my pain. I now experience a freedom that is derived from knowing that my body will do what I ask of it. The knowledge that I can move with strength, power and agility to protect myself gives me a sense of relaxation that I cannot explain.

Low Back and Knee Pain

Low back pain has been part of my life since adolescence. I thought it was normal to feel pain at 32 years old (left). With FP I managed to eliminate my lower back pain, and knee pain from a poorly recovered knee surgery. At 41 years old (right), I can say that the biomechanical corrections were crucial in this path where pain was completely erased. Now I can finally get to know what else my body can do.

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