Apr 2021

Advanced TRX circuit (Video)

In this Video I demonstrate 3 advanced exercises with one of my favorite tools, the TRX suspension system. The TRX suspension system is fantastic for developing Neuro-muscular coordination between your core and upper body. Here are the 3 moves I cover:

1.) One Arm Pullup - Great exercise for the development of contralateral explosiveness. Although there's not a muscle that doesn't engage in this exercise, it's especially good for cross-engagement of the Glutes and Lats

2.) Alternating TRX Twist - I like this exercise because of the functional activation of your oblique systems with your upper body. It's very important to keep your posture steady to get proper core and thoracic stability, this will prevent injury and maximize efficiency within the movement.

3.) Abdominal Rippers - Ok ok, it's impossible to isolate and tone one area, but this exercise really does hit the abdominals to a very high degree. I really like this exercise because there's gluteal activation that happens at the same time as the core. Often times with TRX exercises, there is too much hip flexor involvement which are usually not the best muscles to develop because of our culture (we sit down and shorten the hip flexors a ton).

Word from the wise, only do this if you can sustain proper technique, otherwise injury may occur. Enjoy!!!