Benny's Inspirational Back Pain Result


And suffering from back pains to becoming a key player in his sports teams.

“Benny was criticized in sports for being slow. He had a hard time running bases in baseball and would suffer low back pain after exercising for an extended period of time.”

“After 7 months of FP his parents noticed a significant change. No more back pain. He is no longer criticized for being “too slow” and is a major contributor to his sports teams. His coordination, speed, and balance have improved tremendously.”

“Benny is hooked on FP and plans to continue to use
FP as he grows up.

Let’s go Benny!!!

11 month differences. 1-3x a week FPNJ youth group classes.

Great work here by @alexander.s.lambert @fp.newjersey leading the way for our youth to attain and maintain healthy bodies into their 100s!! That’s our goal.
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