Apr 2021

Correct shoulder and neck pain with a Lacrosse ball

Date: 4/16/2011
Location: San Diego, CA
Method: Postural correction through Myfascial Release.
Tool: Lacrosse Ball

Although I release several muscle groups when correcting someone's posture, the Pecs and Lats are the foundational muscle-groups I focus on first. Often times, therapists address shoulder and neck problems at a symptomatic level, working straight into the rotator cuff or cervical muscles first.

The issue I have with this approach is that it gives temporary relief, because the major muscle groups are still tight and they will pull everything back to where it was to begin with. Another approach commonly taken is to work on the posterior chain muscles (muscles on the back of body) in an attempt to stop spasms and give relief to the client.

In that case, we have to understand that those posterior chain muscles are being influenced by anterior chain muscles (muscles on front of body) that are creating the spasms, and if the anterior chain isn't addressed, spasms will reoccur. The Pecs and Lats are the biggest and most powerful muscle groups in the upper body, therefore they are the most influential and need to be released first.

These muscles are responsible for a few actions, but my main concern is how they internally rotate the humerus (arm bone) and with eventual tightness, lead us to an unhealthy rounded posture. Here is a video on how to correct these imbalances with the use of Myofascial Release.