Apr 2021

Exercises to improve bad posture (video)

We see it everyday, people walking around with their shoulders slumped and a forward head to boot. Besides its aesthetically displeasing presentation, poor posture can be an extremely damaging habit that can ruin your body on multiple levels. Usually when I deal with a client with slumped shoulders and a forward head, I will get complaints of neck pain/stiffness, shoulder pain/discomfort, upper back pain, headaches as well as many other problems. It's important to note that the human being evolved, over the course of millions of years, to walk on 2 feet and is meant to have good posture, so it is absolutely imperative to align ourselves within that evolutionary path. If joints are inhibited because the body's physical structure has changed into something unnatural, compensation of the wrong muscles will usually happen and pain will be inevitable.

In this video I cover the influence the Pectoral Muscles have on your posture, and an effective stretch you can practice to fix that hunch back. The Pectorals are extremely influential on a person's posture and are usually the foundational root behind most shoulder and neck dysfunctions. I can't tell you how many times I have fixed chronic neck, upper back, and shoulder issues just through the implementation of correcting a Pectoral dysfunction. If you want effect out of this, be sure to practice this enough to where your body recognizes this elongation of your Pecs as a normality. Do it enough and you might stand straighter in the matter of a couple weeks! Enjoy!