Flexibility Training with UFC Fighter Chris Leben

Flexibility Training with UFC Fighter Chris Leben

Hello everyone!

It's almost been 1 year since I starting training with Alliance MMA in Chula Vista and I will say it's been an awesome ride. Recently, "The Crippler" Chris Leben set up shop in San Diego and decided to start training with the guys at Alliance. Alliance is renown for it training intensity and everyone involved in this training camp is working hard to make their claim to be the best. Chris Leben has taken the necessary route to get to the top by setting foot into the shark tank of superstars involved in this training camp. Often times with that hard work, pain and injury can be imminent. With Chris, his injuries have spawned over a career of grit and toughing it out through pain. This in general tends to be the culture of most Mixed Martial Artists as a result of not having alternatives present to help them address their injuries. Luckily for us all, the scientific method will prevail in places where problems need to be solved.

Here is a video of me working with Chris Leben. In this video I cover the most basic element towards building a functional body: Flexibility. Over the course of Chris' career, he has muscled through most of his movements creating tightness in regions of the body that have shunted his ability to stay flexible. This has resulted in a slew of injuries that will push my boundaries to help him turn back the clock and add some more fruitful years to his career. Fortunately, Chris is a VERY in tune sponge like human being. His ability to understand complex subject matter is making it very easy for me to speed up the process of mending his body and creating a whole new Mixed Martial Artist.

Great work Chris!!!

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