Apr 2021

Gavin doing an in home functional training workout

When it comes to developing speed and agility, resistance bands have got to be at the top of my list when it comes to personal training. Resistance bands offer ballistic speeds that most cable machines can't offer. Coming forward is tough, coming backwards is even tougher. Since they recoil faster than the speed of gravity, it forces your body to adapt to on the fly much sooner. In this video I cover some really advanced movements with Gavin Stone. I do not recommend these training exercises for anyone who is just starting out, but like to show them for inspiration. Great work Mr. Stone!!!

1.) Alternating Running Man - There is not a single muscle in the body that isn't working during this exercise. It involves horizontal resistance, plyometric movement, multiplane movement and agility, all at once!!! My best recommendation is to start with a one arm cable punch before attempting this exercise.

2.) Walking Cable Punch Rows - Another exercise challenging all muscles in the body at the same time. This exercise is really great for engagement of your rotational movers. Rotation is, by far, the most important plane to master.

3.) Bosu Ball Jump Squat Rows - This exercise in great for training center of gravity while exploding vertically. This exercise is especially great for drainage of the lymphatic system.

Enjoy!!! :)