Apr 2021

How To Fix Walking Like A Duck

I see it every day, people walking like ducks. What do i mean by this? Next time you look at a person's feet while they're walking, notice if their feet are pointing in the direction they're moving in or if they're pointing outward, similar to when a duck walks. Externally rotated hips happen to be one of the most overlooked dysfunctions within the body, yet one of the most significant in terms of building functionality in the lower body. If you look at the Quadriceps during a sprint, it only makes sense that they would extend the knee while moving straight forward, not with an outward angle. Same thing goes with the the Hamstrings as well as the Gluteus Maximus (although they do slightly externally rotate the hip). When your hips are set into an external rotation, It severely limits how well your body is going to move in all planes of motion. Ignoring this imbalance usually will lead to lower back pain, knee pain, ankle injuries, and flat feet. In this video, I utilize Self Myofascial Release with a Medicine Ball to help correct externally rotated hips. This usually happens to be painful initially, but if you're willing to go through the sacrifice, it's definitely worth your time! Enjoy :)

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