Apr 2021

Improve your Vertical Jump | Leg training

FP Human Biomechanics Specialist, John Nielson showcases a technique here to help improve your vertical leaping ability.

For these video, you will learn how to enhance the sequencing between your arms and the rest of the body when you jump.

These exercises will be great for the legs, core and shoulder muscles.




Johnny Nielson:
Improve Your Squat Jump Leg training Aloha Jonny here is functional patterns. In today's video, we'll cover two exercises that will help you with your jumping mechanics. So we're going to attack some pendulum squat variations here, I want you guys to grab some dumbbells, whatever weight you're capable of using. And this first one here is going to be focused heavily on the concentric phase of the movement.

Okay, going up from a squat, we're gonna go right to a lateral view, I want you guys to take a bilateral stance. And you're going to start by swinging the weights at your side, back and forth, this is going to set up the momentum and the parabolic motion needed for this movement.

And once you go here, you're gonna win the weight swing back, you're going to drop into hip flexion. And when you're here, you want to make sure that you go into an adequate amount of clothes, chain dorsiflexion, knee flexion, hip flexion, and trunk flexion to sustain yourself here, this is just going to be about an athletic stance, okay, where you would be moving from where you'd be jumping from, that's where you want to go to at the bottom. So going back to the weights, weight, swing back, drop into hip flexion, knee flexion.

And when you go up, you're going to wait for the weights to swing up slightly, then you're going to apply a downward forced through the floor to bring yourself up. And from here, I have a couple of options. I can swing the weights all the way overhead, like I'm doing go into an overhead extension, I can go into a bicep curl.

I can go shoulder height with the weights. But the main thing is, I want you guys to take note of the delay between the weights and the rest of my body. The weight, swing down, boom, pull myself into that squat, knee flexion hip flexion. Okay, and on the way up, the weights drive up slightly ahead of your body, and then you push through the floor.

For the second variation, we're going to focus on the essential attention of the squat, we're going to take that same bilateral stance, start by swinging the weights at your side. But this time, we're going to go into the squat on the upwards motion to the dumbbells. So I'm gonna go here and pull down. You can see that I'm doing like a double bicep curl, but the weight swing back, then I put myself in the hip flexion hip flexion knee flexion trunk flexion.

Okay, just priming that deceleration going down to progress this even further, we can take the first motion and turn it into an actual jumping motion leaving the ground a little bit. So I'm going to go here, pendulum swing, I pull myself up at the top of that acceleration. So going here, drop down, pendulum squat weights go up. Then you're going to pull yourself into that slight triple extension.

Okay, so we're going from deceleration to acceleration leaving the ground. Hope you guys found that useful. Be on the lookout for more tutorials. If you tried this one out. Leave us a hashtag functional patterns. I'll see you guys next time.