Instructing a client how to do a Pendulum Squat

Instructing a client how to do a Pendulum Squat

Date: 4/7/11
Location: San Diego, CA
Service: Personal Training

Today, I was doing personal training with my client Candice. Her goals are based around maintaining low body-fat levels. Based upon her genetics we have discovered that her body is primarily composed of slow twitch muscle fibers. People with slow twitch muscle fibers generally have a slower metabolism, and subsequently have higher body-fat. Although I cover a wide array of techniques for managing her health, I have decided to make it a priority to get her fast twitch muscle fibers up and running. In order for this to happen, we have to have a strong center to build around. This way we can ensure she's building the right muscle in the right areas of her body. Problem is, that this requires lots of coordination if we expect to pull this stuff off correctly. The goal is to have her pull off some Multi-plane Ballistic Movements. The foundation we start from? A Pendulum Squat. Two reasons Pendulum Movements are one of the best precursors to MBM:

1.) They develop a strong center of gravity- Having to continually work around a moving object makes you have to center yourself to move.

2.) Rhythm: MBM is based around rhythm while moving in multiple directions. Before you can move somewhere in rhythm, you have to be able to stand still and have rhythm.

In the first clip I we can see what she was doing incorrectly, which was an improper stabilization from her thoracic spine and a lacking of pelvic extension.

In the second clip I demonstrate what it should look like

In the third clip she pulls off a much improved pendulum squat, great job Candice!!!

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