Apr 2021

Intermediate Level Exercise Circuit

Here's a great circuit to practice if you really want to build functional strength, explosiveness and center of gravity. It will absolutely kick your butt too! I would strongly recommend doing your Structural Re-alignment regimen for at least a half hour before you decide to jump onto any of my exercise regimens. This happens to be something a little more on the advanced side so regress to the basic videos I have put up if you need to.

Exercises Covered:

Alternating Twist - This is a Multi-Plane Ballistic Movement. When done correctly it can be extremely taxing on the nervous system, because it involves all planes at the same time and you have to maintain center of gravity to not fall out. Regress to a basic Transverse Rotation if it is too much!

Jump Squat one-arm row - Great for the development of posture in the upper back and lumbo-pelvic region. Since it involves a contra-lateral activation of your Gluteus Maximus (butt muscles) and your Latissimus Dorsi (upper back muscles) at the same time, it's sure to spike your heart tremendously. The more muscles you fire the more blood flow that needs to be delivered into those muscles. Regress to a basic one-arm row if this is too much.

Kettle Bell Sagitall Plane Jump - A plyometric Kettlebell exercise in the Sagittal Plane. Fantastic exercise for developing rhythm and power at the same time. Anytime you're incorporating hip extension, you're generally going to be doing your body good. This Kettlebell exercise does just that. Regress to a standard Kettlebell Swing if this is too much!

Here you go! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at naudi@functionalpatterns.com