Apr 2021

Lower Back Pain Relief - Unloading the Gluteus Medius and Quadratus Lumborum

Here is a a lower back pain relief technique with the theracane to release tension in the lower back.

Common places of overload in dysfunctional bodies are typically the gluteus medius and quadratus lumborum.

When the Glutes do not fire on their primary function (extension), the path for this compensation will likely rear its ugly head around when involved in unilateral movement (type of movement most encountered by humans).

Since hip flexor restriction is present in most of the population due to excessive sitting, the primary function of the Gluteus Maximus will become inhibited through reciprocal inhibition.

The act of compensation stemming from this tightness will re-orient the position of the femur to the hip socket, altering a new path of movement.

The new path typically will be one of which that will greatly overload the Gluteus Medius.

In this video we address the the Gluteus Medius to help with this dysfunction. Do remember that the body is an integrated system and that this technique by itself could only help alleviate symptoms of a much bigger problem.

It is recommended that you check out the book "The Power of Posture" to learn where proper integration starts.

Most people get lost at the initial stages of learning because they do not have a foundation.

With the right direction in the onset, we will increase the likelihood of integrating and therefore becoming more capable of addressing the imbalances mentioned in this video.

STRETCH intentionally,
not habitually,