Resistance band exercise circuit (instructional)

Resistance band exercise circuit (instructional)

The resistance band is an amazing tool I use on a regular basis when training my clients. One of my favorite aspects of the resistance band is it's ballistic movement capabilities, that allow from the improvement of speed and agility.

Here are 3 exercises I like to use in a circuit that help build core strength, dynamic flexibility and center of gravity.

1.) One Arm Punch - Great for coordinating the upper body with the core and hips.

2.) One Arm Staggered Row - Excellent to do with the previous exercise because it acts as the counter balance. Useful for the development of good posture in the thoracic spine.

3.) Side Skip Twist - A simple Multi-plane Ballistic Movement that involves the Frontal and Transverse plane all at the same time. Unbelievably taxing on the Nervous system and it's why I end my circuit with this one.

Run through the circuit 3x with 2 minutes rest between the circuits. Have fun!!! :)

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