RONDI found BALANCE through MOTION !

Do you remember learning how to ride a bicycle? I’m sure you can picture how hard it was to balance on it while you were at a stand still. What made it easier to maintain balance while on a bike?

Motion !
It wasn’t until you got the bike moving through space that it became a heck of a lot easier to maintain your balance and find a dynamic equilibrium.

Humans are movers as a priority. We are made to walk and run from point A to B. If you are going to find balance within your body you might want to respect specific types of movement, specifically walking and running since this is what humans are best at.

This is something Rondi and her yoga practice was not taking into consideration. 

Think about most yoga classes you have been to.

While you might move your body in a stationary position, you rarely if ever find yourself leaving your mat. You stay at point A for the duration of the class. 

This is the epiphany Rondi had when she kept dealing with knee and hip pains that limited her life EVEN after 25 years of her yoga practice.

If we are going to look at balance and stability with our bodies we have to look at it from the vantage point that motion itself is stability.

You can't train stability without motion.

Think about it, what good would it do you if you could stand and balance but when you started walking or moving you lost your balance? No good at all.

If you want to improve your balance, think about doing it while moving better through space. Like, actually doing it to traverse territory.

If you can do this by improving the way you walk and run,  you'll have much more translatable benefits to your reality.

It wasn’t until Rondi found her dynamic equilibrium by improving her movement that her pains disappeared and her life re-appeared.

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