Sit at a desk for work?  Here's something you may want to learn!

Sit at a desk for work? Here's something you may want to learn!

Sitting at a desk is one of the most damaging things you can do your body. Many jobs in our westernized culture involve excessive amounts of sitting throughout the duration of a day. We have to understand that if you are doing something in our culture that wouldn't mesh to what we would do in nature, we are going to have major problems. The issue I'm going to focus on in this video deals with the tightening of the hip flexors that happens when your seated for an extended period of time. This tightness is usually the foundation of most structural alignment issues with most people, and can be a major root cause of knee pain, foot pain, ankle pain and lower-back pain.

Why? The hip flexors directly inhibit the activation of your Gluteus Maximus. Your Gluteus Maximus is the most powerful individual muscle on your entire body, and it's where your body leverages most things in reality. Without them, we get no leverage on movement and compensation from smaller, weaker muscle-groups take over. Let's get these bad boys working again and give our body the leverage it needs to stay healthy!!! Grab your Lacrosse ball and be ready!!!

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