Dec 2020

5 Month Scoliosis Gains

5 MONTH SCOLIOSIS GAINS from Certified HBS practitioner @fp_gary out of @fp.taiwan

Sometimes compensations/dysfunctions that we have reveal our personalities or our lack of abilities to face and solve the real problems. I don’t think I can change a person’s structure without changing what is inside of them. Still working on it. But this kid is getting more confidence because he knows how to use @functionalpatterns methods to maintain his posture. He is building a little machinist inside of him. That is very encouraging to see.

His scoliosis was getting worse every year. Practicing only one or two days a week wasn’t enough for him. So, I asked him to come to practice 6 days a week and also to pay attention to his own behaviors and consciously adjust those compensated postures on a daily basis. Five months later, we finally can see some differences and improvements.