5 Years Of Back Problems 80% Reduced In 2 Sessions

5 Years Of Back Problems 80% Reduced In 2 Sessions

5 YEARS OF BACK PROBLEMS 80% REDUCED IN 2 SESSIONS from HBS practitioner @fp__chris

Mikhail / July 2020

❌ Before- Constant lower back pain, right shoulder pain shooting into his neck. Mikhail works long hours as a tattoo artist in NYC, spending most of his day sitting in the same position

✅ After- 80% pain reduction in both lower back and shoulder, this was done over two sessions we were able to squeeze into our tight schedules before I left NYC.

Client Testimonial- “Christopher is amazing trainer. Ive had back problems past 5 years from my sitting job, couldn’t sit straight in the chair for past year and a half. It took 2 sessions to make me feel much better. He always follows up how i feel and focuses on the areas that needed attention during the training. I really appreciate it and its best training for your body ive ever tried.”

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