Improved back pain

Improved back pain

Amazing pain free gains here by @fp_jen! It's always great to see the progress people make utilizing FP. What an amazing group of doers we! Jen, you are crushing it! Keep up the great work!

100% Functional Patterns techniques only

Before photo: June 2019
After photo: February 2021

I feel like I am living in a completely different body to what I was back in 2019. Now that I have experienced what it feels like to decompress my joints, I realise how compressed I was from many years of traditional training. The fact that I was exercising at a squat rack most days and doing 3-4 yoga classes a week, but still got constant back pain had me really confused.

On top of that my ability to deal with stress was poor. I was living in a state of anxiety and depression without realising the direct connection to my poor biomechanics.

Once I prioritised my movement around walking, running & throwing - my back pain went. Changing my light environment, cutting out inflammatory grains from my diet and fasting has also helped improve my sleep / energy and lose around 10kg.

@functionalpatterns has not only changed the way I feel, look, move and respond to stress, but it has also saved my career in the fitness industry. I am so grateful to @elnaudi for his dedication to making humans functional again and glad that I spend my working day aiming to replicate the same changes on my clients.

If you’re on the fence about FP, my advice would be to just start. It’s the best decision I ever made.
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