Back and neck pain improvements

Back and neck pain improvements

Here is an example of what 30 years of yoga and stretching produces with a human body compared to what 6 months of FP can produce with a human body. Great work here by @alexandrostefanidis @fp.santamonica
Improved posture results here by my client over 6 months training about 2-3x per month.
He is 48 years old and came to me after 30 years of practicing and teaching yoga. He was struggling with back and neck pain that didn’t seem to go away even after decades of yoga.


❌Depressed shoulders
❌Lack of upper trap engagement
❌Scapular winging
❌Rib cage compression
❌Lumbar compression
❌Lack of intra abdominal pressure
❌Neck and back pain


✅Neutralized shoulder position
✅Better upper trap engagement
✅Neutralized scapular position
✅Rib cage decompression
✅Lumbar decompression
✅Better intra abdominal pressure
✅Neck and back very much improved

My client’s own words:

“I feel younger and more bounce. I tried lifting weights in my early twenties for three months. I felt tight and like I was losing my range of motion. I continued doing yoga, which I have been doing since I was a boy. It felt much better to me, yet I was plagued by lower back pain and a stiff neck.

FP instantly felt right for my body when I tried it. It was like slowly ending an argument in my body that had been there for years. My breath has also changed. I was primarily a belly breather before, and now I feel my lungs and rib cage waking up and Walking, I feel my spine and ribs more integrated, my stomach responds more to my legs movement and most recently my solar plexus feels like it finally understands why it exists, which has also helped me feel my whole back feel present in my awareness. Another great surprise is that my eyes naturally make contact with others effortlessly without fear of being seen. It’s funny how yoga can really make me feel good, yet I had all of these holding patterns in my body that we’re not going away.

FP really helped me undo them and integrate them. I wish I had this available to me when I was a teenager. I would’ve really excelled in sports more than I did
and just generally felt great.”
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