Cerebral Palsy Mass And Structure Gains Without Pains

Cerebral Palsy Mass And Structure Gains Without Pains

CEREBRAL PALSY MASS AND STRUCTURE GAINS WITHOUT PAINS from Certified HBS practitioner @fp.davidbartalos
Posture progress after 1 year and 8 months from my client Rudi ( @sedlacekrudolf )with cerebral palsy training @functionalpatterns . Left photo: April 2019. Right photo: December 2020.

Rudi’s words: “Since I started to train FP, my mobility and posture has significantly changed, I can do things that I couldn’t do before and my standing feels way more comfortable. For people seeking to function well and improve their health, FP is way to go.”

In summary from previous posts, before FP Rudi had been through some health complications, such as spontaneous pneumothorax, femoral head fracture and retinal tear on his eye, because of which he had to undergo a surgery, after which he was told by the doctors that he should never load his body physically anymore. Rudi’s attitude towards the training process has been extremely disciplined, since he has never missed a single week of training (except Covid lockdown period) since his first session.

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