Sep 2020

Chronic Hip Pain Gains

CHRONIC HIP PAIN GAINS from HBS practitioner @fp_davide_giannino 

[Femoroacetabular Impingement]
Before January 2020: ❌scapular winging❌unstable lumbar spine and hip❌compressed spine and ribcage❌no arm and lateral lines❌limited reciprocity and tensegrity❌chronic pain
After August 2020:
✅Improved scapula positioning✅Improved lumbar spine and hip stability✅decompressed spine and ribcage✅arm and lateral lines potentiation✅Improved reciprocity and tensegrity✅pain free
@ismaele_b testimony:"I am a 15-years-old dancer and I had various physical problems in various parts of the during my growth, especially in the hips. Working incorrectly with pain caused me severe inflammation and injury to both acetabular labrum. The doctors told me about a possible operation and stop dancing. I tried various training and rehab methods but I never received the results that functional patterns gave me. Now I am pain free and thanks to Davide and @functionalpatterns I improved my whole body, my way of thinking and my movement."