Chronic knee, hip, and neck pain

Chronic knee, hip, and neck pain

Gait cycle gains coming from @fp_brisbane @lou.ellery 🏃🏻 Taking the guesswork out of taking care of your body is what we do at FP. Attaining results that matter for people who care.

May ‘20 - Sep ‘21 @functionalpatterns results @fp_brisbane

Professional cricketer @mattrenshaw449 presented with chronic knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain after cricket, previous history of a right ACL surgery in high school.

During the season it’s extremely difficult to get consistent training in, with travel and the nature of cricket on the body meaning many sessions are figuring out how much damage has been done on the weekend. In the off-season we’ve managed to find consistent time to address many of the issues Matt was dealing with, and we’ve definitely taken steps towards function.

✅ Improved SIJ elastic recoil
✅ Improved knee varus bilaterally
✅ Improved horizontal force production
✅ Improved lateral line tension
✅ Greater arm line potentiation
✅ Pelvis shifting more anteriorly
✅ Greater leg drive

Matt has improved his health in multiple areas, with a better diet, significantly decreased reliance on caffeine, and improving his vitamin D levels ☀️

We still have a ways to go, but significant improvements in movement and pain. #functionalpatterns #fpisthestandard
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