From chronic shoulder pain to zero pain.

From chronic shoulder pain to zero pain.

From chronic shoulder pain to zero shoulder pain. Lasting changes like these are our focus at FP.

By focusing on the FP First Four (standing, walking, running and throwing) corrections like this can be made when your body learns and understands how to move correctly.

Results like these don’t require a routine. You do the FP exercises, your body memorizes the functions of those exercises and that data doesn’t leave your body. Once you make the changes they are easier to keep for the long haul.

Great work by @fp.oakland @jonathan_jovel and his client Ben.

June 2020 to November 2021

Both pictures are fully relaxed. Ben is an avid surfer and came in with chronic shoulder pain due to MRI diagnosed tendonosis and arthrosis. He has a history of traditional weight lifting and described always struggling to keep mass on his structure. He also felt any muscle mass he did develop would lead to increased compression in his body and would inhibit his movement. Today his structure is much more integrated and decompressed and he can now sustainably pack on and keep muscle mass. The muscle mass he has gained has been built with functional patterns protocols so it is completely connected to his greatly improved movement.

- improved scapular compression and winging
- improved muscular development around pecs, lats, shoulder, and core
- improved hyper lordosis
- improved kyphosis

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