Eion has dealt with low back and shoulder pains when playing sports. When you connect the dots beginning with your posture and working your way out from there you begin to create a path of efficiency.

When that efficient path is found your body is able to find leverage with your muscles that allow for pain free posture and movement. Whether it’s going out for a hike or run, lifting a heavy object, or playing sports like Eion does finding the right muscle tensions and leverage is key.

When take the FP systems approach at addressing your system instead of your symptoms you will learn what finding the correct tensions for specific situations is all about.

Great work by @stephen__maguire out in Ireland.

Relaxed posture results in 2.5 years of FP training.

Anterior pelvic tilt and shift
Lumbar hyperlordosis
Thoracic kyphosis
Lack of intraabdominal pressure
Scapular wing
Ribcage compression
Protrusion of thoracic vertebrae

Improved joint alignment
More neutral pelvic position
More neutral spine
Improved intraabdominal pressure
Improved scapular positioning
Ribcage expansion
Thoracic extension

“Before beginning FP training, Eoin had lower back pain and shoulder pain. Both of which have now been eliminated. Training consistency has always been the main issue as he is playing sport (training or matches) 6 days per week on top of school and a part-time job. He has made great progress however, as he never gets injured and feels no pain.”
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