Heaping Plate Of Gains

Heaping Plate Of Gains

HEAPING PLATE OF GAINS from Certified HBS practitioner @fpshannonhegarty
Results from @ryan.piercy first photo is June 16th the second is November 20th. This is what happens when you eat the whole plate of FP and asks for more.

“Growing up I played all sports all the time. Some at a representative level, some not. In my mid 20's I joined the military. After a plethora of parachute jumps and carrying extreme weight over extreme distance my body began to give way. This came in the form of anterior compression of T11 and deterioration between C5/6. My pain scale was 2-3/10 24 hrs a day and would frequently shoot to 7/8 leaving me incapacitated for sometimes weeks at a time. After 5 months of FP with @fpshannonhegarty, my pain scale is ZERO 99% of the time. Occasionally I'll have some dehydration and pain might go to a 2/3. The phenomenal (literally) thing is that the pain dissolves on it's own with no input from me. My gait cycle now is my pain management system. The left pic is 81kg, the right pic is 76kg. To quantify my progress I have been sprinting and measuring my max speed. I have increased my top speed from 28.1km/h to 35.1km/h.”

This guy is as dedicated as they get and this is what happens when you commit to @functionalpatterns. Thank you bro ✊🏽

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