Hip and back pain gone

Hip and back pain gone

Bryce was a powerlifter and was having hip joint and back pain. He then found FP.

After devoting himself to focusing on the FP BIG 4 (standing, walking, running, and throwing) he has gotten himself out of pain and has made headway on correcting the poor movement habits engrained by his previous training.

The results he has had didn’t require a heavy demand on routine, he did FP exercises, and his body memorized the functions. Essentially FP will train your body to hold the data it plugs into your body.

With FP, once you make biomechanical changes, they’re easier to keep.

- Hip joint pain
- Low back pain
- Hips stuck shifting to the right
- Limited spine movement
- Compressed shoulders
- Excessive knee valgus

- NO MORE hip pain
- NO MORE back pain
- MORE NEUTRAL hip traction
- DECOMPRESSED shoulders
- DECREASED knee valgus

Great work by @chiahao__hsu_ @fp.taiwan

“Before I found FP, I was still a strength and conditioning trainer and crazy about powerlifting. Meanwhile I got a lot of chronic pain like lower back pain and sacroiliac joint pain at that time.
After devoted to FP for 3 years, I have solved these problems I had. Besides, I cut the extra body fat and got functional muscle gain.
Now I can run faster, throw better and utilize my strength to boxing and kicking and so on, not just in sagittal plane movements like powerlifting I did.
As a FP practitioner now, I can help more people to make gain without pain now.”

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