Pain free movement after chronic knee pain

Pain free movement after chronic knee pain

Knee pain gains out of @fp.bratislava with @david_bartalos and his client Dano. Pain free movement after 4 years of chronic knee pain with knee arthritis with @dano_gobl . Both videos recorded in max possible speed. First video recorded on February 2020, second video recorded November 2021.

Daniel’s testimony:

“Since around 2016 I have been feeling mild pain in my right knee – I didn’t suffer any acute injury. After several months I had the MRI examination which showed a medial meniscus tear. For the next 2 years I wasn’t able to run and I was limping slightly during my gait. I was trying to rehabilitate (traditional strength training, biking, exercising in a pool) but the pain would not budge. In April 2016 I underwent a surgery followed by a standard rehab. Several months after the surgery and rehab the condition of my knee did not improve, the pain got worse and I was able to flex my knee to max 90 degrees. I was still unable to run and the limping persisted. Another MRI scan showed a mild wear and tear on the cartilage (1st stage of arthritis). After that I visited many doctors but no one was able to provide a clear solution.”


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