Learning To Run Pain Free With Cerebral Palsy

Learning To Run Pain Free With Cerebral Palsy

Excellent work from HBS practitioner @fp.russv
Brian’s Gait Results @functionalpatterns 1st Video - September 24th 2019
2nd Video - September 2nd 2020
3rd Video - October 15th 2020

Client with CP Gait Results

“Functional Patterns has been an amazing program over the past year, better than the many months and years of Physical Therapy. You’re told to walk before you can run and I thought PT was all of that, but I truly didn’t learn to run until I found FP.

Everything has improved for me. I no longer get shooting pains in my knee that come and go at random, for days or weeks, I can keep up with my peers during activities and I can even out last them on a walk on the worst terrain. Most importantly I’m more confident, I know it’s not the main goal of FP, but walking tall makes you feel tall and that’s been an amazing plus to have in my day to day life.”

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