Jun 2021

Online training posture gains

Some amazing gains here with FP Human Biomechanics Specialist @_pablo_martin__! Taking his client to make gains without all the dysfunctional pains! That’s what makes FP special. Precision and execution so you aren’t left guessing what to do with your body. Fantastic work gentlemen! .
**ONLINE TRAINING RESULTS** - 10 online sessions with @mikedoherty17 - Improved scapular/shoulder positioning, no more back and neck pain, improved awareness in Muay Thai striking, improved V taper body frame.

“Working with you I learned a lot about how my body can move. I felt much more balanced in each movement in my striking. I increased the velocity of my punching power and feel better controlling my posture through various Muay Thai strikes. Kicks are something I never felt as comfortable throwing as punches but now my kicks feel much better and more fluent.

I don’t have low back pain and the tension in my neck is gone as well. I could keep going with the benefits but I will finish with saying I actually wore orthotics for years and now have arches in my feet from working on my gait cycle.” #functionalpatterns #fpisthestandard #fpallday #online #training #canada