Pain free at 40 yrs old

Pain free at 40 yrs old

Some awesome work from @ryan.john.parr and his client Bernadette. Reversing degeneration one human at a time !

- Major herniation in lower back
- Severe back and hip pain
- Lack of intra abdominal pressure

- Pain free
- Gained confidence
- Improved Intra abdominal pressure

“At 40 years old, I suffered a major disc herniation in my low back, which resulted in my walking with a drop foot. For 3 years I attempted to heal with chiropractic work, massage, and multiple personal trainers, but nothing seemed to be able to fully relieve the pain.

I was exhausted by the entire process and had just resigned myself to feeling poorly. When I found Ryan my main goal was simply not to reinjure myself–I never expected to actually have all of my pain disappear! We started training slowly, with a mix of foundational movements. As I gained confidence and strength, the exercises increased in intensity.

Every single training session was different; Ryan always comes prepared with new exercises and readily makes adjustments based on my progress. He is also extremely knowledgeable about the body, injuries, and movement. Ryan really took the time to understand my goals and has tailored a therapy and training program that feels very personal. He's patient, kind, and also extremely good at giving lots of specific verbal cues.

After just a few months of working together, my severe back and hip pain completely disappeared. Thanks to Ryan, I now know what to do on my own at home to help maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle!”

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