Pain Free Movement Gains

Pain Free Movement Gains

PAIN FREE MOVEMENT GAINS from Human Biomechanics Specialist @fp_joaopedro

When you make a real commitment to functionality and the craft actually accounts for variables that exist in reality, amazing things happen. We are the only system routinely showcasing results like these. All these results involve no stretching or strength work in the way people have been taught. It's a new system that is now being seen as the standard on human movement. People are flooding in to see if this is all hype. When they arrive at a course and see what the material is, they realize no hype can match the level of our training. We are the real deal and aren't shy about saying it. Others know they get lucky when their methods work, which is why no one outside of us touts being the best. If they do, it's an old school marketing tactic they bring on absent of results to prove them right.

The results end all debates because no one outside of FP can get them like this. #fpisthestandard because it actually makes changes you can see. We aren't placebo masters. We change structure for the better. We use science as a tool and it shows in the gait cycle change you see on this video.

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