Pain, Posture & Performance Gains

Pain, Posture & Performance Gains


CERTIFIED Human Biomechanics Specialist @fp.frida out at @fpminnesota with some great work. Sick of grinding your gears? Gains all around at FP, we are a one stop shop! #fpisthestandard

Before: 9/23/2019
After: 2/7/2020

@henry_the_hooman TESTIMONIAL

“I play competitive 4-wall handball of which endurance, focus and throwing mechanics are paramount. I use to train doing high intensity videos, traditional lifting & calisthenics, but none of it transferred to my sport in a meaningful way. In handball, the players who can utilize their body more effectively and efficiently while hitting the ball and maneuvering, are the ones who have the most success. I started FP because I found @fpminnesota was near me & because they prioritize running and throwing mechanics. I was apprehensive at first (having not seen their results first hand) but after a few sessions, I was already able to throw the ball significantly harder on my left & right side without feeling any sketchiness in my shoulder. At times during handball swings it would almost feel like my shoulder would flop around in the joint, only held there by the ligaments and tendons, instead of being supported. All the static stability & mobility work I had done did nothing to prepare my shoulders for the dynamic demands of handball. Later on in training I noticed that nagging injuries such has lower back pain & weakness in my left knee started disappearing. I immediately saw the value and committed myself to their process to prioritize my longevity. FP is challenging, not just physically, but mentally in a way that I had never experienced in any of my past training. Over the last few months, I felt how my body & movements were becoming more connected but I didn’t realize to what extent until seeing these changes. I look & move like a completely different person & have better results than when I was training twice as much in the past. I’m excited to see where my progress goes next & am fully committed to advancing myself & my sport through FP. Thank you Frida & the crew @ FP Minnesota!”

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