Oct 2020

Reducing Lifelong Imbalances

REDUCING LIFELONG IMBALANCES from HBS practitioner @fp.piestany
Teach your body to move pain free with Functional Patterns.

This is 1 year progress with my die hard client @dr.alenabohmerova with idiopathic scoliosis. Left video: August 2019. Right video: September 2020. Left Xray: September 2019. Right Xray: July 2020. We’ve managed to decrease Cobb angle from 28 to 24 degrees and also increase volume capacity in ribcage (especially left side).

This is Alena’s testimonial:
“I was diagnosed with AIS (adolescent idiophatic scoliosis) in my 13. I went through whole process of treatment, rehabilitation, a lot of different exercising methods, plastic brace included, until I reached 18. The curve was stable, but nothing really changed with muscles and the way how I moved. It was not enough for me. After my MD degree, I´ve decided to do a professional research of treatment of scoliosis, so I specialized in rehabilitation medicine. I have tried a lot of methods on myself also and now I can tell that FP is more than a training method. It actually changes the motor programs at the level of CNS (central nervous system). Now after 1 year, I can finally feel tonic abdominal muscles activity, I have my right shoulder again and I can do something with right scapula. Walking and running is completely different movement for me right now. And I know there is a lot of work in front of me. I am so thankful that Peter has started working with me, for his approach, patience, perfect skills and indispensable creativity during the sessions.”