Scoliosis gains & Pain-free lower back post disc bulge

Scoliosis gains & Pain-free lower back post disc bulge

Bulging discs are no match for humans aiming to put in work on finding balance with @functionalpatterns! When amazing people train the right way, amazing things happen. Let's keep this this gain train roooollllinnn!

Its never too late to make gains. Amazing results here from CERTIFIED Human Biomechanics Specialist 2 @fp_tim_robinson helping his client become functional again. This is the hallmark of the company. We make visible changes that can be seen on a human body. #fpisthestandard
"RESULTS AFTER 6 MONTHS TRAINING: Big changes here from my client in Coffs Harbour (now on the SUNSHINE COAST). This is what a strong work ethic looks like when the body is put through the right kinds of stress. .

Left photo: relaxed posture - painful lower back disc bulge with referral of pain into his left leg on a history of abdominal hernia, scoliosis and a previous disc bulge that required surgery 40+ years ago.

Right: relaxed posture - no lower back pain, minor left leg dampened sensation, significantly reduced scoliosis and structural tensioning through the myofascial (muscular and fascial) system. .

Start your journey: train intentionally, and not habitually with #functionalpatterns"

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