Scoliosis Optimization

Scoliosis Optimization

Amazing results coming out of @fp.piestany showcasing again what can happen when a motivated individual meets a competent system of addressing problems. Take a systems based approach towards addressing your dysfunctions and create life change that matters with movement that matters.


This is our gait cycle progress with Lenka. She has been diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis.

Before: November 2020
After: September 2021

- non reactive and compressed spine
- unstable lumbo pelvic region
- poor intraabdominal pressure
- scapular winging and compressed shoulders
- body is taking the beating by gravity

- more reactive and supportive spine
- more stable lumbo pelvic region
- proper intraabdominal pressure
- decompressed shoulders
- eliminated scapular winging
- body works more like supportive structure via better myofascial force transmission
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