Scoliosis Structure Gains from Certified HBS practitioner by Functional Patterns

Scoliosis Structure Gains from Certified HBS practitioner

12yo male. Diagnosed with scoliosis. Initial postural assessment (12/29/20). Between initial assessment and second assessment: 9 sessions over 4 weeks. Second postural assessment (1/30/21) shows more symmetry in the shoulders and ribcage as well as spinal decompression. Client reports significantly less discomfort and more mobility. Using only Functional Patterns techniques.

“These past 9 sessions have been incredible. I honestly thought that my only option to fix my scoliosis would be surgery but Greg changed that. He made me see a new path, a less painful path, one that wouldnt involve surgery but it would still fix my scoliosis. Ever since I started I've been feeling better, my back feels better, and I feel more energetic. I'm very grateful for Greg and his sessions. Without them I wouldn't have this high probability to escape surgery and I wouldn't have been able to feel as good as I do now. Greg is very knowledgeable in what he does he knows the names of many muscles and bones and how to adjust them so that they can tell my body to fix its scoliosis by itself.” - Yulio G.
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