Jul 2021

Structure gains

Structure gains from HBS practitioner @fpshannonhegarty
Understanding and using mechanistic systems to resolve imbalances!

This week four years ago I attended the Human Foundations course in Sydney. My journey into @functionalpatterns has gone beyond any expectation I could have in a training system. I don’t know if anyone has ever had the pleasure of feeling their body regenerating but it is the most surreal experience to date. Skin, fascia, my nails and teeth feel healthier and stronger. Scar tissue from surgeries and injuries adjusting and releasing to the point there is barely any left. Walking and running more comfortably than I ever have in my life I straight up feel like I’m 20. I’ve also never been more uncomfortable than I ever have in my life. Facing up to the reality that my behaviors and dysfunctional way of thinking and life application are the direct cause of degeneration and health. It’s been emotional. Biomechanics and nature are king. There is no measure of thanks I could ever give to @naudiaguilar and those who contribute to FP for this gift. Regeneration for the win. FP all day and every day  #functionalpatterns #fpaustralia #fpisthestandard #fpresults