Tear drop spinal injury recovery

Tear drop spinal injury recovery

Maximize your rehabilitation with a systems approach that has the intention of helping you reach your fullest potential as a human. Great work coming out of @fp.newjersey @alexanderslambert 🔥This is what you get when highly motivated individuals meet a competent system of solving life’s problems.

🔹Walking gait results from May 2021-Sept 2021.
Approx 4 1/2 months averaging 2x per week.

Todd suffered an unfortunate injury about 14 months ago when a tree branch collapsed and fell on top of him during his son’s baseball game and paralyzed from the neck down. Here are some of the following injuries:

Incomplete spinal cord injury. C3 - t3 fusion with laminectomy. Broken right ankle . The doctor called called it a “tear drop spinal injury”.

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We look forward to showcasing Todd’s continued progress. Just getting started. Thank you Todd & Cecilia for allowing me the opportunity to contribute towards Todd’s healing process. Shout to @dan.welch.training @neil_bortolus_training for stepping up and contributing to this result.

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