Unravelling 10+ Years Of Pain From Trauma

Unravelling 10+ Years Of Pain From Trauma


Human Foundations Practitioner @functional_estoril getting some gains with his client @dibettencourt.

Student testimonial @dibettencourt:
"All my childhood and youth I practiced sport, I played 12 years of rugby with weight training as the basis of physical training, I played football with friends every week, I did several years of surfing, I didn't spend a day without doing sports, until one day at the age of 23 i got injured in the l5 s1, since then i had to stop all sport, it also started to hurt both my shoulders and i went from doctor to doctor for 5 years until i was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, ankylosing spondylitis. I tried everything traditional and alternative medicine had to offer. 6 more years of pain have passed being treated according to the protocols of this disease (immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory drugs), with mobility exercises. At the age of 35, I was told that, after all I did, I didn't have that desease, but rather chronic pain, I started taking drugs for this purpose, Tramadol + lyric. In 2018 I discovered the functional Patterns, as I evolved in this training method, I was taking less medication and in the last 7 months, I totally stop taken any medication and I can say that, now at 39, I am practically without any pain. I haven't felt so good in over 16 years.
@fpbrasil and @fp_spain thank you for the help and being part in the process 👊🏼"

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