V-taper Improvements

V-taper Improvements

Relaxed posture and physique gains over 17 months with my client @trent_underscore_hill Training 1 x per week @fp_brisbane

Great improvements made by Trent here so far. He has worked on adopting a more functional value set that prioritises his health and has been able to reap the full benefits of FP as a result.


Before starting with FP I would experience a lot of pain in my knees and lower back from doing my job and taking part in other physical activities. Nowadays, however, I am pain free and can complete my work in a more efficient manner. I am also more selective in which types of activities I take part in.
My breathing has also dramatically improved as before I found the compression in my ribcage and chest region restricted my ability to breathe in. Fp has helped me improve my ability to breathe and I have done a lot of work on reducing the compression in my ribcage.
In conclusion, I would say that FP has helped me to move pain free both in my work and in everyday life.

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