Weightloss And Sciatic Pain Free Movement Gains At 48

Weightloss And Sciatic Pain Free Movement Gains At 48

WEIGHTLOSS AND SCIATIC PAIN FREE MOVEMENT GAINS AT 48 from HBS practitioner @fp_mark_gresham

Here are results after 9 months of @functionalpatterns Patterns on my 48yo father.
I'm very lucky to have the parents I have. Dad is one of the hardest working people I've ever met. Working 14hr+ days 365 days/year for most of his life on the farm left his body pretty beat. Mix that in with throughout his teens and 20s competing at a high level of Olympic weightlifting and you are left with a pretty degenerated body.

In the before video dad is suffering from sciatic pain and lower back pain. After 9 months of training the second video he's moving pain free, he is coiling his body like never before and lost 10kgs. Turning beef jerky into tissues with elastic recoil. It's motivating to see that at 48, Dad's redirected his time and effort into becoming a better mover. Are we finished? Not even close. So much work to go, but great progress so far!

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