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The 10-Week Online Course

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Proven to help alleviate common postural dysfunctions

The Functional Patterns 10 Week Online Course will reprogram the way you move down to an unconscious level, addressing the fundamental reasons you likely feel pain in the first place. 

  • 99 Instructional videos
  • Over 47 techniques
  • 12 hours of video content
  • 3 phases of training
  • Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and English Subtitles
  • Unlimited access for 365 days

The best part about Functional Patterns is that the results last over the long haul. Although there are many things that separate FP from the rest in the field, the most impactful is that our results stick!


Take Control Of Your Body By Understanding How To Make Your Muscles Work For You, Not Against You!

When you understand how to get your muscles to control your body in space, you can also find the way to control the pain caused by lack of body control.

Although many in the field make claims about how their system enhances movement, our results show you that follow through in getting people to move and feel better.

If you can't see the change mechanically, the problems you have will persist.

This is why it is important to be able to see the changes like the ones we display all over this website.

Taking ownership of your body mechanics and pain are now attainable thanks to the Functional Patterns Training Methodology!

Learning To Correct Your Movement Imbalances And Pain Is Like Learning How To Ride A Bike!

Just like you need to establish a skillset when riding a bicycle, the same goes with your body.

Contrary to popular belief, learning to move well at a fundamental level that doesn't come with joint pain requires a form of skills development. I have simplified what used to be complicated subject matter into digestible bits of info that will help you understand how to look at the imbalances in your body.

The best part of this course is that it will teach you the techniques that will get you moving parts of your body that don't want to move, and stabilizing the parts that want to move too much.

Essentially, you will get a much better understanding of what it means to have equilibrium with your human structure.

At Functional Patterns, We Are Known For Getting Results Where Other Systems Have Failed!

It took 10's of thousands of hours to develop a completely new way of looking at movement imbalances and developing techniques to correct them systematically.

While the wide majority of people in my field avoided the questions about pain and movement dysfunctions, hoping their cookie cutter methods would solve the problems of their followers, I went straight at the problem until I found the solutions.

This was very hard work, and now you get the benefit of all that hard work, minus all the confusion!

Although We Certify Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers And Other Health Professionals, The Material Here Is Explained In Simple Terms.

Learning how to move pain free and teaching others to do the same doesn't have to be an odyssey. Attaining functional movement doesn't mean you have to know complex terminology.

If you follow the steps, and put in the work, you will attain control of your imbalances.

If your body's hardware is malfunctioning, it means you need a SOFTWARE upgrade.

Functional Patterns IS that software upgrade everyone has been waiting for.

Attaining a new life with a new body is a simple click away, take the right steps with FP and get to your fitness goals without all the guess work.

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average rating 5.0 out of 5
Based on 181 reviews
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181 Reviews
Reviewed by Conor
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Best decision I've made

I played rugby at quite a high level in school so gym was a huge part of . I would go 3-5 days a week religiously but even though I did all the work I was told to do by physios and PTs I was always in pain and always injured .

It came to the point where at 18 years of age I was fully convinced my body had given up on me . I had radiating numbness and pins and needles down my arm , suffered from severe back spasms where i wouldn't be able to get out of bed for around 3 days at a time , my sholders were constantly in pain and my ankles would ache if i participated in field aports and I quit rugby and all other sports I played .

I even started a bachelors in sports therapy to "try and fix me" .

Around the same time I started with a new physiotherapist who also happened to be a fp practitioner (I had no idea what fp was at the time) .

After a few sessions he mentioned the 12 week online course . I started and have never looked back since . I've never been pain free or injury free for this long a period of time and have return fully to sports and have even taken up kickboxing .

Can't recommend this course enough . Roll on the HF course

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Reviewed by Melissa D.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted


I haven’t yet completed the 10 week course but as a retired, Sports Massage Therapist who was thorough and worked on many of the muscles most Massage Therapists ignore I’m SOOO excited that someone took the time to figure out that we can work on them ourselves. (I’ve always struggled to find someone who would be as thorough as I was and understood the importance of these muscles. I always wished I could just take my arms off so that I could work on myself). I’m very excited to see what more this course has to offer…most certainly, money well spent!

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Reviewed by Rowan Togami E.
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Updated Content

I bought the original 10 week course and this review is specifically about the quality of the video content compared to the older version. Great work Functional Patterns, the content is now perfect, well shot, great audio on mic so Naudi is no longer shouting. Allowing customers to upgrade for 1 year to this new a really fantastic surprise and this course is constantly relevant no matter what stage of FP one is at.

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Reviewed by Emina
Verified Reviewer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

FP is the best investment I could make for my health

The 10-week Online Course gave me everything it promises and way more. I had been struggling with different discomforts in my body, like knee pain, low back pain, tight muscles and more. There was no physical therapist out there able to give me the tools to fix my problems. So I kept on the lookout for a system that does really fix problems and that's how I found FP. FP helped me gain awareness of my body and taught me a lot on the bio mechanical level that I wanted (and needed) to know to start fixing my problems and also helping my clients. I recommend getting on the 10-week course to everyone who ever mentions anything about pain or discomfort with their body. FP is honestly the best and only system out there that dives deep enough to help humans regenerate and continues to improve their methods.

Left picture 2020: I was flaccid and collapsed from all the dysfunctional training I had done in my life, a lot of dancing, stretching/yoga and traditional strength training. The results of this show in the left picture. Right picture: 2022: The 10-week online course and FP in general helped me get some functional tension back into my body and decompress my system. This is just the start! Can't wait to see my results in a few years. Thank you FP!

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Reviewed by Tama K.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted


Only up to week one, but already feeling the difference

Didn’t realise how sitting on a ball could hurt so much

Was this helpful?

"The First few weeks bring about a massive decrease in pain and stiffness while the rest of the course builds relevant strength where you really need it"

Courtney Smith

Verified Buyer


"It's something that I highly recommend anyone go through that is either looking to improve their quality of life, get out of pain or just learn how to become a more functional Human"

Alex Watkins

Verified Buyer


"Whoever would have thought that I would run on a treadmill and not have anything hurt? Nothing!! The knees don't hurt, my back doesn't hurt nothing hurts"

Betsy Garitty

Verified Buyer



Do i need to be fit and healthy to do this course?

No, we have all kinds of people getting great results with our course. We do however suggest that if you have any pre-exisiting issues that you do seek medical advice before commencing the course.

I am older, out of shape. Is this really for me?

The simple answer is that if you are human, FP is for you. We focus on getting you to optimize the precision of the First Four movement patterns, i.e. standing, walking, running, and throwing. No matter who you are or what your age or fitness level is, you will be doing these things as long as you are alive. So, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to do them well so that you can avoid injuries and live a life free of pain? The 10-week course is precisely the program that teaches you how to do this in easy, bite size pieces.

Is the 10 week course appropriate for my child / children?

In short, yes, children are humans and FP is designed for all humans. However, if the child in question is very young they may not be able to fully grasp and execute the exercises correctly to get the right benefit. We find that the best way to influence your child is firstly by leading by example. For younger children it may be best for you to start working on yourself and once you have a decent understanding you can start incorporating some of the exercises into your child’s routine, whether that’s into their current training or mix it up with some play. For older children if may be fine to do the 10 week course on their own, or together with you. Many of our customers have also found it beneficial to hire a FP Practitioner alongside doing the 10 week online program to ensure they’re getting it right. Children are quick to pick things up in general and they haven't spent (as many) years of ingraining the same dysfunctional patterns as adults. Furthermore, what a wonderful way for you to spend some quality time together as a family!

Is there any specialist equipment required?

The tools required to complete the 10-week course include:

  • Assorted balls for myofascial release
  • Dumbbells
  • Thera-Cane
  • PVC Pipe (foam roller progression)
  • Varied Resistance Bands

Many of the tools can be substituted with other items if needed. Feel free to get creative. You can also join our Facebook group Functional Patterns Doers https://www.facebook.com/groups/976359545741281 to see how others have gone about it.

How much time do I need to allocate to the course?

We recommend spending 1 hour per training session working on the 10 week course. It is advised to train using the course material at least 3-5 times per week. You are welcome to train daily if your body is up to it, but you are also encouraged to take time to recover as needed

Are you saying I should never go to a gym again or quit my current regime?

The beauty of FP programs is that they can be combined with any other exercise regimen, including workouts at the gym. So, yes - we’re all for you getting a good sweat session so long as you are employing good mechanics and movement that will not grind away at your joints and tendons. And doing our courses will teach how to do that and also boost your performance in all kinds of other physical activities you take on. But first and foremost, if you want to stay active in nature, in the gym, and in life in general you want to make sure you are taking the correct steps to ensure your body functions properly when moving.

Will this make me stronger, fitter, and leaner?

At FP, we like to say that fitness is the result of good movement. Meaning if you can move properly and develop skills such as actively engaged standing posture and good mechanics for walking, running, and throwing then this will carry over to allow you to develop real, explosive strength and stamina in natural ways that will apply to everything you do in life. With consistent practice, you will definitely become fit, strong, and lean, especially if proper nutrition is part of your health and fitness regimen.

Does FP build muscle?

Most definitely. Your ability to build and maintain muscle is directly related to how well you move. In order to move well, your muscles need to function in an integrated fashion with one another. By learning proper mechanics, you will engrain functional patterns of movement into your body so that you can build and maintain muscles that serve specific purpose that relates to your biological blueprint as a human, especially when you stand, walk, run, and throw – which you will do your entire life!

Can I lose weight with this course?

Have you ever wondered why you gained the extra body fat in the first place? Here at FP, we believe that the reason people pack on pounds or kilos is because you’re not moving well to begin with. If you are a well-functioning and moving individual to start with then your body would crave the right amount of nutritious foods instead of wanting to overload on whatever types of foods you can get a hold of. This is why we think that how you move may be more important that what you eat in order to drop body fat. Put simply, if your body isn’t primed to move well in order to help metabolize and make use of what you eat your body will have to work overtime to process food. By bettering your biomechanics and learning how to move functionally while also eating nutritious foods, you will have a better chance of dropping body fat and keeping it off. Not to mention that moving correctly and efficiently enables you to exercise more and with less risk of pains and injury.

Can this help me recover from an injury?

Most injuries stem from bad biomechanics that result in imbalances and weaknesses in certain parts of the body which then leads to restricted range of motion and mobility. When one part atrophies and becomes underused, another part compensates for it and becomes overused. This imbalance leaves you more prone to injury. This FP course will give you an understanding of proper mechanics so that you can address the root cause of your issues and re-program your body to engage and bring unused parts online to function in a more balanced way. The effectiveness of our programs explains why physical therapists see the value of our program and recommend it to their patients all the time.

Is there an APP?

Our course plaform can be saved to any device and used like a native app. This ensures a smooth and frictionless course experience.