Power Of Posture E-Book


Humans have a biomechanical blueprint primarily catered towards standing and moving in a bipedal fashion (on two feet).

Besides breathing, it is quite likely that standing and walking are the most common actions done by humans on a daily basis.  

This is the foundation we must work around if we expect to come to a definitive conclusion of conditioning a human body towards its biological strengths.  

Since standing upright is the fundamental element that shapes us as the human species, it has to be the base point of efficiency for any sustainable training system.  

Through my experience working with all types of individuals young and old, I have found that optimizing the standing position is the root of developing effective movement patterns, which in turn sets the foundation up for a neurologically and physiologically healthy human being.  

After the standing position has been mastered to its fullest extent, the tasks of bending down to lift, squatting deeply, jumping, twisting, and throwing, along with many other bodily actions become streamlined almost automatically.    

Once this Human Foundation of efficient posture is wired in, the body becomes immediately more adaptable because it is operating efficiently from its biological base point.  

Every training system I have witnessed has failed to set up a foundation based around human biological sustainability.  

We are constantly sold on ideas that make promises but fail to deliver results that can last for a lifetime.  

It is the lack of knowledge from these fitness "gurus" that has been leading people down the path of self destruction.  

Injuries, pain, lack of energy, along with many other imbalances found in human beings can and will be re-enforced by a system that is flawed at a foundation.  

Their failure to understand the nuances of what shapes human biology is what makes their training system at their core, completely unsustainable. 

Standing efficiently in an upright manner is the ultimate foundation to work from if we can expect to live pain free, perform optimally, maintain our metabolism, exude confidence, manage stress, elevate libido, and down right just plain be healthy.  

I wrote this book for the purpose of explaining the nucleus of my entire training system, so that anyone can master the foundations of efficient movement that will transfer to a lifetime of vitality!

This book is in PDF format and is not able to be printed, or viewed on Kindle.



Where is the best place to start?

Whether you are looking to overcome years of chronic pains, improve your posture, lose weight, build muscle, or get in the best shape of your life, Functional Patterns has something for you! If you are new to training, Our 10-week online program was developed with beginners in mind to make it easy to get started taking care of your body.Ready for a fast-paced program to push past the limits of your athleticism and break through plateaus? Then our Functional Training System is sure to please.
Looking to build raw power and functional strength? Then get an RG bar and get started on the RG bar Workout

Does FP Build Muscle?

Absolutely! Although at FP, we teach you how to build muscle in the right places on your body and keep it there for good. Often people will build muscle for the sake of building muscle. Muscles evolved to perform specific functions, so when you’re able to add muscle that serves a specific function, you get a better functioning and more aesthetically looking muscle.

What is Functional Patterns?

Functional Patterns is the revolutionary training method created by Naudi Aguilar. By focusing on training the body according to how it evolved to move, we are most well known for our results enhancing human performance on multiple fronts, from athleticism, weight loss, muscle building, knee pain and hip pain Improvement and neurodegenerative disorders and more. Check out this video summary of what FP Training entails:

Can I lose weight by doing FP?

Have you ever wondered why you gained the extra body fat in the first place? Here at FP, we believe that the reason people pack on pounds or kilos is because you’re not moving well to begin with. If you are a well-functioning and moving individual to start with then your body would crave the right amount of nutritious foods instead of wanting to overload on whatever types of foods you can get a hold of.

This is why we think that how you move may be more important that what you eat in order to drop body fat. Put simply, if your body isn’t primed to move well in order to help metabolize and make use of what you eat your body will have to work overtime to process food. By bettering your biomechanics and learning how to move functionally while also eating nutritious foods, you will have a better chance of dropping body fat and keeping it off. Not to mention that moving correctly and efficiently enables you to exercise more and with less risk of pains and injury.

How will an online program help solve my unique problems?

While no two bodies are exactly alike, there are certain requirements when it comes to optimal function. Just like you need to nourishing food, clean water, and quality sleep to be healthy, your body needs to be able to stand, walk, run and throw well, if you want longevity. To build on this analogy, it is common knowledge that eliminating high calorie junk foods in lieu of nutrient dense foods is beneficial for health. In the same way, If you prioritize learning the first principles behind efficient gait, you can address the root cause behind many pains in your body.

Our 10 week online program simplifies this process for you and takes the guesswork out of taking care of your body. In it, you will learn the fundamentals that you will need to begin correcting your imbalances and get on track towards pain free movement.

Will This make me stronger, fitter, and leaner?

At FP, we like to say that fitness is the result of good movement. Meaning if you can move properly and develop skills such as actively engaged standing posture and good mechanics for walking, running, and throwing then this will carry over to allow you to develop real, explosive strength and stamina in natural ways that will apply to everything you do in life. With consistent practice, you will definitely become fit, strong, and lean, especially if proper nutrition is part of your health and fitness regimen.


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