Apr 2021

Beginner Core Exercises - Plank Modificiation for Better Core Stability

With people trying to put a focus on a lengthy plank to measure progress, I figured I would put up a version of a plank up that fatigues even the strongest in a matter of 5-10 seconds.

In this video, I show a variation of a plank to my students I trained in Munich Germany for a certification course. As great as the plank can be, it's easy to lose focus of what the point of that exercise is.

The point being we train the core in a static manner (being that it is a static exercise), with the only muscle that fires in a static manner through it's optimal function: The Transverse Abdominis. Train smart folks.

If your plank is longer than 30 seconds, it's likely you're not doing it in a manner that will benefit you functionally.