Introducing the Parabar ®

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The ultimate tool to building the rawest form of functional strength you can achieve. Made to be used as an accessory for pulley machines.


  • High grade aluminium parts
  • Indented handles to allow for extra grip 
  • Rotating handles to allow your wrists to move freely during use
  • Additional carabiner included to secure your Parabar to a pulley machine


  • Length end to end: 127 cm (50 in)
  • Handle thickness: 32 mm (1.3 in)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)

 **We note, our patent pending product was made with a specific design, so we do highly recommend purchasing our Parabar ® tutorials along with this product so you can learn how to use the product correctly and as intended**

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How do I use the Parabar?

We have a dedicated digital product called The Parabar Workout, which will take guide you through step by step on how to use our patent pending tool correctly and safely. There will be a range of beginner to advanced exercises so suit all skill levels.

How do I clean the Parabar?

We recommened using neutral detergents to clean the Parabar, do not use industrial cleaning agents as this may damage the product. Best practice would be to spray neutral detergent onto a paper towel and wipe down the Parabar. Then use a dry paper towel to remove all dampness and moisture from surfaces before use.

Where should I store the Parabar?

The Parabar should always be stored in a dry and sheltered place, away from dust, sea, water, and humidity. It would be best practice to hang the Parabar on a hook or keep it flat on rubber surfaces or gym matting. Avoid contact with rough surfaces, concrete or anything that could damage the surface of the Parabar.

My Parabar handles slide up and down ever so slightly, is this normal?

Yes, if you notice the two handles of the Parabar slide up and down very subtly this is completely normal, it was built this was to account for the expansion and contraction of the metal which happens in changing weather conditions.

I don’t have access to a pulley machine, can I use the Parabar with resistance bands?

The Parabar was made and tested to be used with a pulley machine, while it can technically be used with resistance bands, we strongly advise you take precaution when doing so, to ensure the bands remain secure to the Parabar and don’t frey or snap.


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