Deadlifts Suck

Deadlifts Suck

Because they don't get to the root of your problems.

If you found our ad it's probably because you want to get in shape but want to skip the pains. You want to look fit and stay fit for good.

This is why deadlifts are useless for 99% of us out here. 
Unless we want to be powerlifters, the deadlift is as useful as a hula hoop is for a fisherman. 


All deadlifts do is cause most people
spinal compression and back pain.

Just like how you build a tall skyscraper. 
If you really want to get fit, you want to build a solid foundation first. 

Then we can really start adding some
muscle on our body that will last.

If this makes sense click the link below to learn about the FP Intro Program. It’s made to give you an idea of what building a solid foundation is all about.


If you still have some questions on why deadlifts suck, keep reading. 

Let’s face it. Instead of getting most into shape for a lifetime, deadlifts give most a false sense of security. 
We all know the deadlifter who threw out their back picking up a pencil. 

Why is this?

It's because deadlifts don’t actually help you move in ways that matter. Think about it. 
How do you get from your bedroom in the morning to your car before heading to work? How do you get from your office to the dining hall? 

You walk

You use one leg, then the next while rotating your upper body to swing your arms a bit.While one leg moves forward, one leg moves back. 
Are you picturing this yet? 

Now picture yourself doing a deadlift.You don't actually move anywhere and instead of using one leg to kick back on one to kick forward you, use both to move back at the same time.
Kinda like a kangaroo.

But you're not a kangaroo. You’re a human. When we train our legs to move together at the same time we are taking away some of our body's ability to walk and run. 

Learn how to train like a human



Or Keep Reading about how deadlifts suck...

This is where the pain begins. 

We start training our body to deadlift or squat better than it can walk.We turn ourselves into fish who can't swim. Birds who can't fly. Humans who can’t run.
Just how our body when sitting for a long time trains itself to the sitting position will cause tightness in our back.
When we over train movements like the deadlift in the gym our body adjusts to move in that way. 

A way that is the opposite of how we move mostly as humans… 
walking and running.

If you are dealing with pains and have tried the lifting like everyone else. Ask yourself, do you really want to be like most people? Do you really want to be in some kind of pain or another like most people as they age? 
Or do you want to be different? 

If you want to be able to move well into your elder years then you need to be able to stand, walk, run and throw like a pro.
That’s what we at Functional Patterns have been focusing on since 2009. 
We teach you how to move pain free and look great at the same time. 
Check out these results…

If you can get yourself to walk and run like an athlete, then your body will begin looking and performing like one.
We teach you how to do this but first we need to build a strong foundation. 

That's where the FP Intro Program comes in. 
It will teach you how to start fixing your pains and learning how to better your posture and movement so that once you have the basics down you’ll be ready to build off of your strong foundation with FP. 

We train world champion athletes and 95 year old grandmas with Parkinsons with the same FP exercises. How?
Because we build from the ground up. 

Don’t skip steps like everyone else. 

Get it right the first time, let us show you how. 

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