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The FP Intro Program

The FP Intro Program

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Get a crash course into the program that has helped people around the globe get out of pain and move with ease for the long haul. The FP Intro Program was created to give everyone wanting to experience our 10 Week Online Program an insider's view on some of the most popular lessons the program has to offer. 


By taking sections of the 10 Week Online Program that FP practitioners and Doers have recommended the most in terms of helping them get out of pain and improve their posture and movement, we are able to give you a potent dose of FP that will leave your body asking for more. 


Experience what pain free posture and moving is all about with the FP Intro Program. Designed by FP practitioners to give you a sneak peek into the 10 Week Online Program, the FP learning management system that hosts all of our online programs and the place where you will be learning the training that will be used to attain freakishly good movement for a lifetime. 


What’s in the FP Intro Program 

  • Crash course introduction into the FP 10 Week Online Program 
  • 24 Video Lessons
  • Learn 14 highly recommended techniques from FP Practitioners and Doers from around the world
  • 236 min of video instruction 
  • Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German And English Subtitles
  • Unlimited 365 days access


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