The Fitness Hamster Wheel

The Fitness Hamster Wheel

If you're seeing this ad then you know about it. 

The Fitness Hamster Wheel.

Where you get nowhere fast!

If you're dealing with pains and want to learn how to start working out the right way click below to get started with the FP Intro Program. 


If you’re not sure whether you are on the fitness hamster wheel, 

keep reading.

Fitness for most of us is a merry-go-round. 

We got on trying to find a way to lose the extra Covid weight we had. 

Now we’re stuck on the wheel.


We followed a few Instagram Fitness pages and did their workout reels at the gym down the street. Then, CLICK.

We get some back stiffness after doing some deadlifts. 

Now we need to do some stretching to balance ourselves out.

We visit a yoga studio to learn how to stretch out our tight bodies. 



We start getting some weird pains in the back of our knees. 

We go see the doctor and they tell us, strengthening the muscles 

above and below the knee is what we need to do.

We do a few months of work with a Physical Therapist. 

We do Bulgarian lunges and pistol squats to strengthen the muscles we over stretched. Knee pain gets a little better but now our back pain has come back but now, it's our upper back! 

Our PT tells us it’s all part of getting stronger. 

Just do a session with a chiropractor every week to loosen 

things up when they get tight again. 

If you are tired of this workout, stretch, rehab cycle...

Start Changing Here

We repeat the process of strengthening to then over stretch to rehab to strengthen to stretch to rehab to strengthen to stretch to rehab. 

You know where this goes.

But where does this end?


It ends when you start looking at your body as a whole. 

When you start training your body as one system. 


Instead of just chasing pains, get started on learning how your body moves together as one. 

When you can move better as one you can solve your pains at their core.


It ends with Functional Patterns.


We teach you how to create a more balanced workout routine so that 

you can get off the fitness hamster wheel for good. 


Don’t believe us? Let us show you some long term results by FP Doers.


People who do FP, get results that last. 

(Both doing FP for over 8 year and getting better with age)

How do they do this? 


First, they build a strong foundation with their bodies and posture.

By focusing on starting from the ground up with their training,

they create a body that is prepped for long lasting gains. 


Our FP Intro Program was designed to help people caught

on the fitness hamster wheel. 


We teach you the most important basics everyone should know 

when it comes to training their body. 


We start by teaching you a better way of dealing with muscle tightness.

Then we move to ideas that will totally change the way you think about posture and movement.
Finally we teach you the foundations of training your core, arms, chest, back and legs so that you can gain a solid foundation to build from for a lifetime. 


This program was created as a way to introduce newcomers

to the FP methodology. 

We give you the most useful and recommended exercises hand picked by FP doers and trainers from around the world so you have the know-how of training your body the way it was meant to be trained.


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