A Hiker's Journey

A Hiker's Journey

One of the worst things that can happen to someone in life is when something that matters most to them is taken away. 

In Dario’s case it wasn’t really taken away. He was simply beginning to not have the capacity to do what mattered most, due to pain. 

Dario is a professional photographer who frequently hikes up and down the Etna Volcano to take photos in Sicily, Italy. That is until chronic knee pain, iliotibial band syndrome and shoulder instability were beginning to get in the way of his work.  

He found FP Sicily in November 2021 looking for an answer to his pains and limitations. It was found that aside from dealing with his chronic knee pain, IT band syndrome and shoulder dislocation pains he was also suffering from hyperextended knee joints, a lack of glute/spinal erector engagement and a bloated abdomen.

Dario found an answer to his problems in FP. As of June 2022 he is now pain free and enjoying a new and improved body. Aside from a more upright posture he also has a more neutral knee joint and shoulder position. 

In Dario’s own words…

 "During my hard trekking routes to photograph the beauties of the Etna volcano, I had constant pain in the lateral part of the left knee. I have also suffered from various dislocations in both shoulders in the past which have increased instability. Thanks to Davide with the Functional Patterns method I feel stronger and more energetic and I can go trekking without pain and with greater awareness.”

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